Lyndsey Paul Meditating with Jupiter the Dog
Lyndsey Paul Meditating
I have been meditating since 1999.  Here are some cumulative benefits I have noticed since beginning this practice (please note: these are my experiences, each individual results may vary depending on the individual)
Slows Aging (Everyone asks if I am younger than my actual age)

You get that "Glow" (I have been accused more than once of being pregnant, often after meditating)

Sleep so much better and with deeper sleep - Less insomnia and symptoms of PTSD

Increased concentration & attention (I always scored higher on brain gym tests after)

Better memory & Attention (I am the absolute worst with names, this has become increasingly better)

Less bad dreams

Reduces stress and lowers blood pressure (The most useful aspect, especially when have a stress filled day)

Feel happier and more joyful

Increased social connection - you find community or sangha who are practicing -feels great to find other LIKE minds​

Decreased Depression & Anxiety - Helped me cope with the loss of my mom​

Better imagination and problem solving (the guided visual meditations especially)

Less time staring at the screen of a computer or phone (Yay)​