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"We are Sol beings cosmically interconnected to all life in our universe, full of light, we are stars illuminating our world." ~ Lyndsey Paul

  • Aura Readings $49
    Aura Readings $49
  • Mediumship/Psychic Combo Reading $100-165
    Mediumship/Psychic Combo Reading $100-165
  • Intuitive Coaching $100-165
    Intuitive Coaching $100-165
  • Sol Healing $100-165
    Sol Healing $100-165
  • Space Clearing &Blessing $100-165
    Space Clearing &Blessing $100-165
Aura Readings $49
Aura Readings $49

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Lyndsey is Psychic Medium & Healer.  She has bloodlines to Princess Diana, Paul Revere (US Patriot), Cowboy Jesse Woodson James, Alice Paul (Women's Right Suffragist/Activist), John Paul "Jones" (US Naval Fighter) and President William McKinley.


Lyndsey Is blessed to have been born with this ability to provide others insight, guidance and direction.  As a Medium she is also able to reconnect her clients with those who have crossed over into spirit.  


With experience as a crystal child, she can help other indigo/crystal children/adults connect fully to their abilities and live a more satisfying life without fear.


Additionally she can assist the parents of these children understanding their child's experience and abilities.  She will connect with your energy and confirm what healing or coaching can occur to help you to acheive your goals. 


She can connect with earthbound spirits and assist in clearing & blessing spaces.

A firm believer in Quantum theory, her guides & angels, Lyndsey believes that  "we exist in a state of unlimited possibilities." 


Her message to you


"Our consciousness influences the choices we bring about. As we co-create realities together, we are not alone, we are one in this web of life.  We are Sol beings cosmically interconnected to all life in our universe, full of light, we are stars illuminating our world."

Lyndsey will also travel conducting workshops so please check out our Event Calendar to see when we will be visiting in a city near you!

Or email Lyndseypaul@quantumsol.com if you would like to invite Lyndsey to your city!

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